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            Epidemic Sound - How to use their music

            In order to login and use the music that Epidemic Sound offers, you need to make sure that you have access to the Freedom! Dashboard and have a channel that is partnered with a Freedom! Once you have those two, you can log into Epidemic Sound following the steps below:

            1. Login at the Epidemic Sound website
            2. Under the "choose partner" dropdown, select "Freedom!", then hit the "Log in" button
            3. The page should redirect to the Freedom! dashboard and then redirects back to Epidemic Sound's site with full access to the music.


            Giving credit to Epidemic Sound

            When using Epidemic Sound music in your videos, please add the following in your video description and/or in your video credits: ‘Music by Epidemic Sound (’


            Errors when using Epidemic Sound music

            If you are receiving any errors, make sure your channel is linked to Freedom! and you have given the system enough time to update your account status. If you need any help, please contact our support and make sure to select ticket topic Epidemic Sound if you do so.


            Usage restrictions

            Epidemic Sound does not let you use their music in standalone videos, such as visualization videos or music videos. Their music must be used as background music.

            To learn more about the restrictions of using Epidemic Sound music, watch the video below:


            For more on Epidemic Sound, check the FAQ's below:

            Do I lose revenue when I leave Freedom! if I use their songs?

            - Do I lose revenue when I use their songs in my videos?

            - What do I do if I receive a copyright notification using Epidemic Sound music?

            - Everything you need to know

            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:34 PM
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