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            Epidemic Sound - What do I do if I receive a copyright notification using Epidemic Sound music?

            If the claim is from Epidemic Sound:

            If you got a Content ID claim from Epidemic Sound this means that you may not have created an account in a way that Epidemic Sound can recognise you as a licensed user. In order for Epidemic Sound to verify you as a Freedom! partner, please log in through your Freedom! dashboard or by clicking on the Freedom! logo here. If you cannot get access, please reach out to Freedom! support by clicking at the top of this page in "Submit a request" so that we can double check if your channel has been linked properly.

            After confirming that you are a Freedom! partner, follow these steps:

            1. Check if the channel is on Epidemic Sound's web site clicking this link, and then checking the lower right side - Freedom! section to verify.
            2. Contact Epidemic Sound at to have the claim retracted.


            If the claim is not from Epidemic Sound:

            If the claim is over the music you used from Epidemic Sound, you should know that Epidemic Sound owns 100% of the legal rights to their music meaning that it’s copyright safe for you as a licensed user. Unfortunately, false claims are a known issue when using any music on YouTube – but on a more positive note, as they have all of their tracks registered in YouTube's Content ID the likelihood is small when using Epidemic Sound music.  If you should receive a Content ID claim from a third party when you know that you have the legal right to use it, you can have the claim retracted. Please contact Epidemic Sound with a screenshot of the claim and the URL of your video. They will contact the claimant from their end. Then you can file a dispute and refer to the valid license to use Epidemic Sound music. If you can, add a URL of the track from our library. Learn more about how to dispute claims here. Don't hesitate to contact Epidemic Sound of Freedom! support if you have more questions about YouTube's claiming process.


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            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:34 PM
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