How you can become a vlogger

How you can become a vlogger!

Ever wanted to be a vlogger? If so, we have some tips for you. 

If you're new to this, vlogging is basically recording yourself doing your daily activities. This is a great type of video because you are bringing your audience into your life, and they always appreciate that, especially your fans, who want to connect more with you. Vlogging is big on YouTube, just look at MarkiplierCaseyNeistatjeffreestar, and many others, they have a huge amount of followers.


Builds a loyal following
As we mentioned in other articles, YouTube is all about the community. Vlogging not only brings you and your audience together, but helps create a stronger connection built on trust, as vlogging can many times feel like a one on one conversation. If you care about them, they will care about you.

Connect with people from around the world
You can reach a broader spectrum of people by doing vlogs. Your audience can be more diverse, as your are not limited on the topics you can cover, unless you decide to do so.

It's not that hard to produce
You can vlog at anytime, anywhere, and you can do it with your smartphone, no need for expensive dedicated cameras or preparing everything to be perfect. 


Personal life
The most common topic in vlogs is what you do on your everyday life, and recording what you see. People like to take a peek at other people's lives.

General things
General topics as product reviews, advice, tutorials and anything else you can thing of, or have interest in sharing with others, can be used for vlogging. People like to be entertained and there is an audience for everything. Do some testing and see what it works for you.

Telling a story is a great way to keep someone entertained. An embarassing moment, a joke, a frightening experience, you pick. Then check out your audience's reactions in the comments to continue the conversation.


Deliver the point
Misleading your audience can turn on you very quickly. Stick to your ideas throughout the whole process and be concise. Creating thumbnails with something that will not be the focus of the video, will be misleading. Don't waste your audience's time as they don't appreciate that. They are more likely to go to someone else's channel to find content that is worth their time than to ever return to your channel again if you do that.

Pick a comfortable spot for recording videos
While doing this, you can also try and make your environment fit your personality. Your audience, especially your fans, will take note and appreciate every little detail about your life.

Fix yourself
Just as first impressions matter, being presentable and being consistent in your presentation in your videos is something you should strongly consider doing. Peculiar details, even in the shirt you are wearing, can launch a whole debate that can last for days. If there is something you believe can give your audience a wrong impression about yourself, make sure to address that before recording, it may save you a headache. Think about how you want your audience to see you. 

Light it up, frame the camera properly, and get close to the mic
Basics sometimes are not basics. If the audience can't hear you properly, your whole video will be pointless and frustrating for them. Light also has an important part, both for video quality and because your audience can take a good look at you. Unless you want to make a horror movie, make sure to keep your room well lit, ideally with multiple sources of light, especially if you are recording at night. You are the center of attention, so keep yourself on frame at all times and ajust as necessary to what you want your audience to focus on. 

Get comfortable
People like to see honest reactions, and if you're not comfortable, it's likely that you will not be true to yourself. People can get when you are not comfortable. So make sure you take all the steps you need to take so that you are comfortable. Want to know more about this? Check out our other article on How to overcome camera shyness.

Upload and get discovered
So click that record button and share your awesomeness with the world. Remember that people want to see you for who you are. If preparing your set for 2 hours is not your thing, just hit the record button. You can only be discovered after you're out there. Record - upload - repeat.

Make sure to check the video below for additional details.

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