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            How to overcome camera shyness

            For many creators, being in front of a camera can be a problem. Speaking to hundreds or thousands of people can sometimes be overwhelming, and viewers can easily spot if a creator is not comfortable with the camera. But worry not, if you are part of this group of creators, we have some tips that can help you.

            Write a script
            Creating a script prior to recording the video can make you more focused and with less hesitation. You can do it by creating topics in a piece of paper or your smartphone, so you don't forget what you want to talk about, and elaborate more during the recording, or create a full script that you can memorize or read in front of the camera word by word.

            Pratice leads to perfection. The more you practice the faster you will leave those awkward moments and pauses in your recordings behind. In the beginning, you can do preview recording sessions and watch your performance, or use a mirror, to see your mannerisms are, and how you would like them to be when viewers are watching your videos. Ideally, you want to look natural and relaxed, looking into the camera directly and addressing your audience with confidence.

            Think of a funny memory to lighten up your mood. A smile can be contageous and will both relaxe you and give you more confidence, even when you feel that you have none. You also want to keep your fans happy, so it's a win win situation.

            Get comfortable
            Some creators may feel that this is hard, as they feel that everything needs to be perfect before they can record. Although having a nice background for your video, and changing your clothes from time to time can be great, what you need is to get comfortable with yourself. If wearing that shirt that you like can help, do it! If fixing your hair before each recording can help, do it! Just pick what makes you feel comfortable and keep it close by. It's also ok to have a pre-recording ritual.

            Believe you are a star
            If you think you are not quite there yet, check your subscribers. Chances are that you have at least one, which means that your content is important enough to other people that they want to see more of it, and more of you. You are already a star, now keep doing what stars do, work on your content.

            Focus on yourself
            Don't think too much about what your audience thinks about you. Instead, concentrate in the message your want to convey to your audience and focus on yourself.

            Be yourself
            This is very important. People can relate to people, so be yourself. Your audience wants to know more about you, to connect with YOU. Be honest with your fans and with yourself. Many creators learn the hard way, when they want to change their content and their audience doesn't relate to it. If you are true to yourself and create the content that you like in a way that you like, your fans will always follow you. Of course, you can explore making changes later on if that's what you want to do. Listen to your community, especially your fans, as they will have the most chances of having a mindset similar to yours. If you are a funny person, be funny. If you are a factual type of person, get factual.

            Check out some examples in the video below.

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