How does the Dailymotion payment work?

How does the Dailymotion payment work?


You can view your Dailymotion earnings in the Freedom! dashboard, by clicking in the Earnings menu, and then selecting the Dailymotion category from the "All categories" dropdown menu in the page. 


The Freedom! dashboard only updates the earnings after receiving the information from Dailymotion. Usually it takes about 1 month and a half. In the meantime, you can view your channel earnings directly in your Dailymotion account.

Also to note is that to view your earnings in the dashboard, your need to connect both a Dailymotion channel and a YouTube channel to your Freedom! dashboard.



By default, our payment method is PayPal, but if you are eligible, you will also be able to receive the payment by Tipalti. You can learn more about Tipalti here. Make sure that if you are not eligible to use Tipalti, or prefer PayPal, that you add your PayPal account in dashboard earnings page.



Payments are sent at the end of the month, with the same 2 months delay as YouTube payments, due to Google payment policy, or with 1 month delay if you choose Advance Payment. To learn more about Advance Payment click here. To view the full detailed payment calendar click here.



On Dailymotion we apply the same revenue share that we give our YouTube partners. This means that if you have a revenue share of 60% for you and 40% for Freedom! that will also be your revenue share for your Dailymotion partnership. If you have more that one YouTube channel partnered with Freedom! with different revenue shares, we will apply the highest revenue share you have. Whenever your YouTube revenue share is updated, so will your Dailymotion revenue share. If you don’t have a YouTube partnership with us, your revenue share will be the base one – 60%-40%.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our support, by opening a ticket

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