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            YouTube demonetizing videos due to inappropriate comments

            According to a publication on February 22, 2019, YouTube is demonetizing videos that have inappropriate comments.

            This was YouTube's response to a situation that seems to have been shared by YouTuber Matt Watson in his video, where he mentions that campaigns had run against innocent videos of young children that had pedophile related remarks in the videos comments. As a result, several big brands such as Epic Games, Disney and AT&T stopped their ad campaigns on YouTube. YouTube took action and after 48 hours of the scandal breaking, it had disabled comments on tens of millions of videos, terminated over 400 channels, and reported illegal comments to law enforcement.

            According to YouTube "even if your video is suitable for advertisers, inappropriate comments could result in your video receiving limited or no ads (yellow icon)". This shows the importance of actively moderating your videos comments. Make sure you follow the comment moderation guidelines from YouTube so you can can avoid a potential demonetization of your videos.

            For more details, please watch our video below:

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 12:30 PM
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