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            Profanity on YouTube - How it can get your videos demonetized

            As part of YouTube's Advertiser-friendly guidelines, there is a section dedicated to profanity. With cases where YouTube has applied this policy and demonetized videos growing, we want to give you more details on what YouTube looks at when reviewing a video. Make sure that you consider the following in your current and future videos, to ensure your videos are advertiser-friendly, and avoid having your videos demonetized.

            When it comes to profanity, YouTube looks at the following:
            1. Video title
            2. Video Thumbnail
            3. How often profanity is used during the video, especially at the beginning (30 to 60 seconds, or during the first 1/3 of the video)

            There are also several levels of profanity. Currently, YouTube has divided them into 3 categories:
            1. Light profanity (still ok to have ads enabled at this time)
              Examples: shit, hell, damn, etc. or occasional use of strong profanity even if bleeped (“f-word” or occasional use of vulgar words). Racial slurs will not be tolerated even if bleeped.

            2. Strong profanity (you can still have ads running, but brands may choose to not advertise)
              Strong profanity used during the beginning part of the video; or strong profanity used multiple times throughout the video even for the purpose of comedy, documentaries, news, or education

            3. Profanity in the metadata or repeated use of strong profanity (you should not have ads enabled)
              Profanity in the title or thumbnail image will likely get your video demonetized right way, or if you have strong profanity used repeatedly in a hateful or derogatory way, including racial slurs.

            You should also know that YouTube can also consider not give as much exposure of a video that includes profanity, which will in turn reduce the number of views and earnings potential. When YouTube is looking at the video, the tone of the video and how you use profanity also matters, especially if you are addressing someone.

            To learn more about Advertiser-friendly guidelines, click here.

            Updated: 7 days ago
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