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            Dangerous pranks and challenges are not allowed on YouTube

            In its policies about harmful or dangerous content, YouTube mentions that content that encourages dangerous activities that could cause serious harm is not allowed on the platform, and will lead to strikes. Some examples of such content:

            Dangerous challenges
            Challenges that pose imminent risk of physical injury, such as Tide pod challenge, Fire challenge, Choking, Detergent eating, Hot water challenge, and others.

            Dangerous or threatening pranks
            Pranks that pose imminent risk pf physical injury, which include faking serious injuries or physical danger such as home invasions, drive-by shooting, and others, or pranks that can create serious emotional distress in minors that can cause them to be traumatized for life, such as fake death of parent or severe abandonment or shaming for mistakes.

            Note that these policies apply to all videos featuring such content, whether or not you are the one making the pranks/challenges. If you do reaction videos, you should avoid these types of videos. Exceptions for the use of this content would be if they are for news coverage, parody or satirical purposes, but with the goal of discourage dangerous behavior. That being said, YouTube still recommends that you don't use the footage.

            If you get a strike related to this, and you believe that your content doesn't violate YouTube's Community Guidelines, you can send an appeal following these steps.

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