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            NOTE: As of August 31, 2018, Spreadshirt no longer supports direct network integrations, which means that we are no longer able to offer this sponsorship. Learn more.

            Turn your designs into profit and become a proud operator of your own Spreadshirt Shop. Freedom! partnered with so that you can provide your fans with personalized merchandise. Visit your Freedom! dashboard and go to Spreadshirt in the Sponsorships menu to open your shop.

            You can put your creative ideas on quality fabrics like t-shirts, sweaters, bags, aprons and a lot more that can easily be personalized with images as well as customized text. You can earn more while keeping your fans happy. By being a Freedom! partner you have access to additional perks. Visit this page for more details. You can also learn more about Spreadshirt and how to set-up, style and succeed on your own business by ckicking here. For additional details, read below.


            This is how it works:

            Spreadshirt has two ways to earn your share of the industry’s biggest commission payout: become a Shop Owner, a Marketplace Designer or both!

            • Shop Owners handle their own traffic and marketing and can earn up to 60% commission on their sales.
            • Marketplace Designers benefit from Spreadshirt’s traffic and marketing and earn their design price with every sale.



            Shop Owners: Three Ways to Earn

            1. Affiliate Commission

            Earn an Affiliate Commission equal to 20% of the print price + the product price for every product you sell in your Shop.

            2. Design price

            Add a design price to your product, and earn it in addition to the 20% Affiliate Commission for every product sold. You can set a design price of up to $20.

            3. Volume Commission

            Earn up to 40% of each sale with Spreadshirt’s Volume Commission. Volume Commission levels are based on the number of products sold in your Shop during a one-month campaign period.

            Learn more:


            Marketplace Designers: Decide What Your Work is Worth

            As a Marketplace Designer, you decide what your designs are worth. Every time a customer purchases a product with one of your designs, you earn the amount you set. Your design price is calculated into the final sale price and credited to your account with each sale.

            Learn more:

            Some design prices sell better than others. Find out which in this article

            Should you have any questions, concerns or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking in "Submit a request" at the top of this page.


            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:35 PM
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