How do I become a director for another Freedom! hub channel?

            We understand that you might want to help on our other hub channels, or you might even want to create one. We are always looking to expand our content on YouTube and give our community more places to reach a larger audience.
            If there's a certain hub channel you want to become a director for, please follow these steps:

            1. Check the About page for an email
            2. If the email is there, do the following:
            3. Subject: (Hub name) Director Application
            4. In your email please include:
            • Your YouTube Channel URL
            • Why we should pick you
            • ​Why you want to join their directors team 
            1. No email? Leave a comment on the most recent video where you ask how you can become a director.
            2. No reply after a couple of days? Send in a ticket with your questions and we'll try to figure everything out as soon as possible.

            Do you have a great idea for a new hub channel? Send in a ticket with the following info:

            1. Ticket type: Job Application
            2. Explain the following:
            • Why do you believe there is a need for such a hub?
            • What type of content is the hub channel for?
            • What the target audience for the hub channel?
            • What makes this hub channel unique?
            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:36 PM
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