How do I generate revenue with YouTube through Freedom!?

            Earning money through Freedom! is extremely easy.
            Freedom! uses YouTube’s monetization feature for channels to generate income. Monetization allows you to put ads before, during, or after your video. You get paid a small amount of money for every person who watches the ad. To ensure you are set up for this, first see that you fit all the requirements:

            • Your channel adheres to all of Freedom!’s requirements
            • Your channel has good content, of which you own all the rights
            • Neither your channel, nor your content violates any of YouTube’s or Freedom!’s rules
            • You have no restrictions on your channel
            • Your channel is in good standing on your YouTube Features Page

            You can apply for a YouTube Partnership with Freedom! through the Freedom! site. We will review your application as soon as possible, and you should receive an invitation if you fit all the requirements and your channel is accepted.

            You can make sure you earn money with us by doing the following:
            1. Check if your YouTube Features Page shows you the following:
              1. Monetization is enabled
              2. Your Network tab tells you: “Freedom!”
            2. Monetize your previously uploaded videos through the Video Manager on YouTube
            3. Don’t forget to monetize your new videos when you upload them
            4. Keep making great content on your channel and have fun!
            5. Accept the invitation that Freedom! sent to you on your YouTube Dashboard.
            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:35 PM
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