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            Game Giveaways - How do they work?

            As a Freedom! partner you will be able to claim game keys to create content for your channel. Let's review the most common questions about this topic below.

            How can I check the list of available games?

            Just follow these steps:

            1. Login to your Freedom! account.

            2. Click the "Sponsorship" menu and then in "Game Giveaways".
            3. You can browse the games list by clicking in each of the tiers, in the top banner.


            Is everyone elegible to claim a key?

            To claim a key you will need to meet these requirement:

            • Have a fully partnered channel.
            • Agree to submit a video featuring the game you got the key for.

            You can also check the updated rules on the top right corner of the Game Giveaways page.

            The games are divided into tiers, each having a specific requirement measured in the number of subscribers of your YouTube channel:

            • Bronze - All partners have access
            • Silver - 2000+ subscribers
            • Gold - 4000+ subscribers
            • Platinum - 7000+ subscribers


            How do I claim a key?

            It's actually very simple:

            1. Just go to the Game Giveaways page.

            2. Browse the games list in the tiers you qualify for.
            3. Select the game you want, and then click in "Get key". At the end, click "Agree", if you agree with the conditions.


            How many keys can I claim?

            You are initially allowed to claim keys for 3 games. To be able to claim more keys, you need to have submitted relevant videos for at least 2 out of 3 of the game keys you have claimed (2 reviews to 3 keys claimed ratio).


            How do I submit a video for the game I claimed a key for?

            To submit a video you just need to:

            1. Go back to the Game Giveaways page.
            2. In the first tab, "View Claimed", click "Submit a review" and add the URL of your video.

            NOTE: Each game has specific system requirements. We have a link to the Steam page of the games, please check the system requirements of the game before claiming a key.

            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:36 PM
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