How do I leave Freedom!?

            Freedom!’s standard no lock-in agreement requires a 30-day notice in order to unlink a channel. Those who have opted into a lock-in agreement with Freedom! must await the agreement expiration date prior to unlinking.
            Prior to submitting an unlink request, please contact as we would love to hear your reasons behind wanting to leave Freedom!. Our professional staff can provide assistance with making an informed decision, particularly for those interested in joining a competing network.

            If you do decide to leave, you can request to unlink following these steps:

            • Sign in to your channel
            • Go to your Creator Studio, select channel and then status and features
            • Click the Remove access button
            • Confirm your request
            These steps are depicted in the video below:

            NOTE: Once you submit your request, you will be contacted by our Retention team to see if we can resolve any issues or questions you may have.
            Please also note that deactivating your dashboard account will NOT unlink your channel(s) from Freedom!
            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:36 PM
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