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            How can I get the verification Badge on YouTube?

            The verified badge is a little check mark that is granted by YouTube for channels that [typically] have over 100,000 subscribers. It means that the channel is officially owned by its creator, brand, business, or organization representing the channel. For example, the Freedom! channel has been verified, and it looks like the following:

            As your MCN, we can apply on your behalf if there is strong evidence the channel is official and owned by you, and meets AT LEAST the following requirements:

            • No copyright content (channels found with this will be unlinked immediately)
            • No spam (content)
            • No content ID issues (we can see this, so don't try getting around it)
            • Public videos (if your videos are on private, we are unable to start the verification process)
            • Has a big audience (100,000 subscribers or more)

            If these guidelines apply to your channel, please contact our Partner Services / Support with the ticket type "YT Verification Badge" and provide: 

            1. your Custom ID
            2. the link(s) to the channel(s) you would like to verify

            We will submit a request for channel verification where the chance of success is high; however, note that ultimately only YouTube can accept or deny verification requests.

            For more on the verification process, please check the video below.


            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:34 PM
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