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            My AdSense/Monetization has been disabled, what do I do?

            An AdSense account can be disabled for a number of reasons, such Invalid Click Activity. You can learn more about that here, including the steps you need to take to try and solve the issue.

            Unfortunately, having your channel's monetization disabled will prevent us from partnering your channel, as that is one of the YouTube requirements for a partnership. If you believe that your account was incorrectly disabled, please check the link above for your options to appeal, according to your specific situation.

            As Invalid Click Activity is one of the most common issues for an AdSense account to be disabled, here is a direct link to the appeal form.

            Although Google is the only party that can review and make a decision in regards to these appeals, if your appeal is rejected, you can contact our support team to try and clarify the situation. For that you can open a ticket by clicking in the link "Submit a request" at the top of this page of by clicking here.

            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:35 PM
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