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            At Freedom!, we strive to provide amazingly fast support to all its partners. In order to help us resolve your inquiries amazingly fast, here are some tips, and tricks you can follow:

            Your first ticket

            Always provide your Custom ID when you create your first ticket on this (new) support portal. Trust us, this will speed things up!

            Sending screenshots

            Screenshots of your issue can help us identify your issue quicker, and we appreciate them. Head to chapter Screenshots on how to properly send your screenshots to us.

            What to screenshot

            Although we love the wallpaper on your desktop’s background, it is not relevant to us to identify, or solve the issue. Instead, send us a screenshot of the actual issue by making it visual with a screenshot. Things to not screenshot (if the pages are fully operational) are:
            • Your Freedom! dashboard earnings
            • Your Freedom! dashboard prospects
            • Your Freedom! dashboard profile

            However, certain things are highly encouraged to make a screenshot of, such as:
            • YouTube Copyright Strike
            • YouTube Content ID Matches
            • YouTube Features page


            A Partner Support Agent might request a screenshot of a specific page, file, strike, or whatever is needed to identify, or resolve your issue. Due to certain limitations, we recommend to use third-party screen capture software to take your screenshots. PDF, Word Documents, Attachments to emails not preferred ways to submit your screenshots, as we are not able to see them properly. Instead, you can use one of the following screen capture software:
              Take your screenshot, copy the link to the screenshot, paste it in your tickets, and you are done! Way simpler than creating a word document with screenshots.

            Written permission

            Sometimes, we need to verify you have the necessary rights, or written proof from the original copyright holder to use their content, which could be a song, for example. Usually, most big companies have their license on their site. Do not hesitate to link us the license. However, in certain cases, you received explicit, personal permission to use the copyright holder’s content. In these cases, you might have signed a contract, received an email, or have saved the conversation where the copyright holder grants you permission to use their content. These forms of permission are essential to us to verify you have the necessary rights to use their content. Verbal agreements do not qualify as granted permission.


            Take a screenshot of the conversation you had with the copyright holder. Make sure to capture the whole screen, not only the part where the copyright holder grants you the permission (the message itself)


            If you signed a contract with the copyright holder, feel free to send us the PDF of the contract, which should at least include the name of the copyright holder (personal name, or company name), signed date, and a signature of each party. We do not accept Word documents as legitimate contracts.


            Please forward the entire email conversation you had with the copyright holder.

            Online license

            Please send us the link to the license of the copyright holder that grants you, or everyone permission to use their content

            Please note we do not accept any other forms of permission, except those mentioned above.
            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:32 PM
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