Does Freedom! have a YouTube channel analytics?

            Does Freedom! provide a YouTube analytics?

            Yes. In your Freedom! Partner Dashboard you will be able to check your channel analytics. 


            How do I check my analytics in the Freedom! Partner Dashboard?

            1. Login to your Freedom! dashboard and click in the Channels menu on the left. You will see a list of channels you have added to your Freedom! account. Click the "View Analytics" link, next to the title of the channel you want to check the analytics for.

            2. There you will information about your channel, such as the performance, top 10 videos and the demographics.

            3. At the top of the page, you can change select the date range and to ajust the time period of the analytics data. Just select the start and and dates. Note: You can also easily select another channel to view analytics by clicking the dropdown menu next to your channel title, if you have more than one channel in your dashboard.

            Why is my dashboard analytics not displaying any information?

            There could be a few reasons, such as:

            • The channel you selected doesn't have any data yet (try selecting another channel).
            • The date range you have selected does not have any information (change the date range, a wider range will have more changes of displaying information).
            • Your channel needs to be re-authenticated (in the Analytics page, click the Re-Authenticate blue button at the right, then select the correct channel).


            Why does the data in the dashboard analytics doesn't match what I see in my YouTube channel?

            The Freedom! Dashboard analytics picks up information that YouTube makes available to the network, which usually is about 2 days behind your current channel statistics. However, because we rely on YouTube for the information, any additional delays on YouTube's side will also affect the update of the information in the Freedom! Dashboard. In case this happens, please be patient, because it's only a temporary situation. 

            Note: The analytics data in the Freedom! Dashboard doesn't have any influence over your earnings and payments.

            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:35 PM
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