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            Freedom!'s CMS accounts & explanation

            Freedom! has several CMS Accounts and some CMS’s are for special content creators. These CMS’s can’t be joined without meeting certain criteria.


            CMS Use
            Freedom! Everyone (base CMS)
            MGN Gamers
            Freedom! Manager Managed Partners
            Beat! Music


            This is the base Affiate CMS everyone gets invited upon joining Freedom!


            This is the CMS for all gamers within Freedom! Partners in this CMS will soon be part of exclusive sponsorships, giveaways, and many more.

            Freedom! Managed

            This is the CMS for all managed Freedom! partners. There are only handful of partners a managed partner within Freedom!. You are always free to inquire about a managed partnership. However, do keep in mind that you would need a big audience, create outstanding, and original content. Just create a ticket, and we will evaluate your channel.

            If you want to learn more about the differences between a Managed an Affiliate CMS, check the video below.


            This the CMS for all music creators within Freedom!

            Updated: 07 Mar 2019 06:36 PM
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