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            Livestreaming to grow to be a $70 billion business by 2021

            In an article published by Adweek, it was reported that Research firm MarketsandMarkets forecasts live video will be a $70 billion industry by 2021. 

            When we think about live stream we usually picture Twitch, YouTube or even the latest Facebook efforts in live video, but there are other platforms available in this space, some more established than others. Smashcast is another platform to look into for live streaming, if you haven't done that yet, one in which we also partner channels. You can read more about our Smashcast partnership here

            With YouTube statistics showing that more than 50% of YouTube views come from mobile devices and the continuous growth trend of live video, other platforms have emerged.

            Here are some alternatives that you may want to explore, straight from your mobile device, on the go:

            Although YouTube continues to use real world currency in its recently introduced Super Chat, which allows fans to pay up to $500 to see their message displayed on the live video chat for up to 5 hours, new platforms also brought new forms of currency with them, such as gifts, coins or diamonds, each with their own value. There is a lot of investment in adding monetization options to live videos, which helps to push even further the rising trend of live streams. To help you on this journey of discovery of the potential of live stream, we are going to link you to another article that will provide more insight into how all this works. Click here to read more.


            Updated: 11 Apr 2019 01:57 PM
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