Why was my channel unlinked from Freedom!?

            Recently, YouTube has increased its mandate to ensure all channels do not violate YouTube policies, including their community guidelines, terms of service (ToS) and terms of use (ToU), which encompass strict rules regarding spam, copyright, misleading metadata, inactive accounts, and inappropriate content, among other areas.

            We have recently reviewed all channels in our network, and where we have found one or more videos that violate YouTube policies, the related channel was unlinked. Most of the unlinks were due to the use of an algorithmic detection that detects potential bad behavior, which is a process also used by YouTube itself, but that unfortunately may not be 100% accurate. Just like YouTube, we also have a human re-review process. If your channel has been unlinked and you believe your channel has no violations, or you are willing to remove the video(s) with violations, please contact support by creating a ticket with the ticket type Unlinked Channel with your appeal.

            For background, please review YouTube's Policies and Community Guidelines including Spam and Copyright basics.

            You can also check out George's videos about KYC (Know Your Channel) in which you can see some examples of channels that were removed and the reason:

            KYC 1

            Video timeline:
            00:17 - Copyright Tv shows in framed videos.
            01:14 - Fake views using embedded videos.
            03:00 - Copyright and repeated content.
            05:05 - Tags in description.

            KYC 2

            Video timeline:
            01:00 - Copyright full TV episodes.
            02:18 - "Pure" game cutscenes not fair use.
            03:36 - Movie clips not fair use.
            04:55 - How to hack software or gain access to commercial content for free.
            08:27 - Empty channel.

            KYC 3

            Video timeline:
            00:25 - Full movie links.
            02:04 - Copycat channel.
            04:31 - Live concert recording not fair use.
            05:53 - Graphic and ongoing violence.


            KYC 4

            A behind the scenes inside the Freedom! office video where you can see an example of the process of evaluating a channel, and how we determine which channels to keep and which to unlink.


            KYC 5

            Video timeline:
            00:26 - Duplication, upload of third party content without permission.
            03:39 - Empty channel.
            04:18 - Plagiarism.
            05:32 - Video spam using burst uploads.
            06:23 - Templated content, repetitive content.
            08:00 - Repetitive content using burst uploads with little editing.


            KYC 6

            Video timeline:
            00:22 - Getting signed written permission prior of using any third-party content is very important - new content ID scan from YouTube.
            02:14 - Templated (repetitive) content.
            09:00 - Number of takedowns (third-party video takedowns that may or may not cause a strike).


            KYC 7

            Video timeline:
            00:00 - Copyrighted content (use of commercial music) and trademark infringement.
            02:03 - Copyrighted content (tv show clip upload without any transformative work).
            05:01 - Copyrighted content (use of commercial music).
            06:44 - Templated content, burst uploads.

            KYC 8

            Video dedicated to good channel examples.

            Video timeline:
            00:18 - Get permission when using commercial music.
            01:36 - Adding transformative work, like commentary for news when using copyrighted photos.
            02:14 - Using own voice instead of robotic voice and doing plagiarism.
            03:09 - Share more information about your work in the about page for context.
            04:14 - Tags in video description.
            06:13 - The importance of providing information for context, and to avoid duplication of content.


            KYC 9

            In this video George goes over some examples of channels that got YPP suspended.

            Video timeline:
            00:39 - Copyright (duplication of content). When using third-party content, permission is key.
            03:10 - issues found - Tags in description (metadata abuse).
            05:10 - Issues found - Hacking/Piracy, according to YouTube issue was duplication.


            KYC 10

            Video focused on brand safety

            Video timeline:
            00:39 - Strong language.
            02:14 - "Click bait"
            02:51 - Framing and not fair use.
            04:11 - Re-upload of copyrighted content without permission.
            05:49 - Nudity/sexual related content.
            07:42 - Piracy.


            KYC 11

            Video about YouTube's additional policies.

            Video timeline:
            01:03 - Inactive accounts.
            02:50 - The importance of reading, understanding and complying the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.
            03:50 - The advertiser-friendly guidelines, & video monetization criteria and Google AdSense program policies.
            04:45 - Turn off ads on videos that do not comply with Advertiser Friendly Guidelines.
            05:09 - YouTube takes additional steps is situations that damage the community.
            07:14 - Vulgar language.
            07:57 - Encouraging Terms of Service violations.


            KYC NOLDIFIED 1

            Video about Copyright.

            Video timeline:
            00:57 - Learn more about copyright.
            04:50 - Compilation of videos from different owners, requires permission.
            06:14 - Good use of third-party content, under fair use.

            KYC NOLDIFIED 2

            Video about nudity and sexual content.

            Video timeline:
            00:30 - Learn mode about nudity and sexual content restrictions.
            02:22 - Age restriction for correct uses of this type of content.
            03:06 - Not properly covering nudity, even if age restriction is applied, may still be a risk of violating YouTube's policy.
            04:36 - Provocative content.


            KYC NOLDIFIED 3

            Video about violent or graphic content.

            Video timeline:
            00:31 - Learn mode about violent or graphic content restrictions on YouTube.
            02:03 - When should you age restrict your content.
            03:56 - Graphic images should be age restricted.
            05:35 - Shocking and sensational content without context.


            KYC NOLDIFIED 4

            Video about spam policy.

            Video timeline:
            00:17 - Learning more about spam, deceptive practices, scams.
            04:38 - Tags in video description, is considered metadata abuse.


            KYC NOLDIFIED 5

            Video about Fair Use.

            Video timeline:
            00:31 - Learning more about Fair Use.
            04:46 - Using copyrighted content for review purposes can be fair use.
            05:41 - Remember that other YouTube policies may apply even if you use copyrighted content under fair use.


            KYC NOLDIFIED 6

            Video about harmfull or dangerous content.

            Video timeline:
            00:26 - Learn more about harmfull or dangerous content.
            02:32 - Using recreational drugs during the recording of the video is not good because in some countries they are illegal.
            03:35 - Avoiding showing serious injuries and censoring out curse words is a good step to protect the channel.


            KYC NOLDIFIED 7

            Video about hate speech policy.

            Video timeline:
            00:21 - Learn more about YouTube's hate speech policy.
            02:20 - Incitement of hatred violates this policy.
            03:51 - Derogatory remarks that incites violence or hatred against individuals is not good.


            KYC NOLDIFIED 8

            Video about harassment and cyberbullying policy.

            Video timeline:
            00:21 - Learn more about YouTube's harassment and cyberbullying policy.
            03:15 - Channel reviews


            KYC NOLDIFIED 9

            Video about impersonation & threat.

            Video timeline:
            00:24 - Learn more about YouTube's impersonation policy.
            01:23 - Learn more about YouTube's threat policy.
            02:38 - Channel reviews


            KYC NOLDIFIED 10

            Video about YouTube's Privacy Policy.

            Video timeline:
            00:13 - Learn more about YouTube's privacy policy.
            02:22 - Use of copyrighted material
            03:44 - Example of a correct use of copyrighted content


            KYC NOLDIFIED 12

            Video about YouTube's additional policies.

            Video timeline:
            00:21 - Learn more about vulgar language and inactive account policies
            01:39 - Attention to swearing
            03:09 - Example of correct use of content on YouTube


            Other related FAQs:

            All MCN's affected by March 1st YouTube policy enforcement

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            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:36 PM
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