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            How does YouTube's Channel Membership feature work?

            Channel memberships (previously known as Sponsorships) are a great way to earn additional revenue from your YouTube channel. With the introduction of channel memberships fans can send monthly payments to support their favorite creators. In return, sponsors are awarded with some perks in the live chat.

            Note: Currently, channel memberships are only available to gaming channels, but YouTube is already running a beta for non-gaming channels.


            Elegibility requirements for creators:

            • Channel needs to have at least 30,000 subscribers
            • Channel monetization must be active
            • Channel live streaming must be enabled
            • Creator must be at least 18 years old
            • Creator must be in a country in which the service is available
            • Creator must comply with YouTube's terms and policies

            If your channel is eligible, you can activate channel memberships in your YouTube Status and Features page. For an up-to-date list of requirements, click here


            Sponsors benefits

            • Exclusive sponsorship badge in live chat
            • Exclusive access to sponsors-only live chat (when offered by creators)
            • Exclusive access to a channel's custom emojis in live chat (when offered by creators)
            • "Slow mode" in live chat does not apply to sponsors


            Earnings and Payments

            Just as with Super Chat, Freedom! doesn't take any of the revenue you get from channel memberships. By default, you earn 100% of that, although if you love Freedom! you can choose to give Freedom! a percentage of those earnings, which will be added to a pool of money. Freedom! will then give that money back to the community in the form of giveaways, contests, competitions or other initiatives. You are able to select the amount of your channel membership earnings that you would like to share with Freedom! in the Freedom! dashboard, by following these steps:

            1. Click your avatar on the top right corner of the dashboard.
            2. Click the settings gear icon.
            3. Select the "Revenue Shares" tab.
            4. Click "Edit" next to Membership.
            5. Add the revenue share you want for yourself, and the reason why you would like to share a percentage of the revenue with Freedom! Then click the "Save" button.


            Payments use the same schedule as normal channel earnings. You can check our the full payment schedule here.


            To read more about this, click here.


            Updated: 09 May 2019 06:36 PM
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