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            AudioMicro - Everything you need to know

            AudioMicro is a paid music/sound effects library that is available to all Freedom! partners to use for FREE, in their video productions. Their current customers include video bloggers, small advertising agencies, video production companies, web design firms, government PR agencies, publicly traded international manufacturing companies, among many others.

            While this is a great resource for your channel, there are a few things that you need to know that we will cover with the Q&A below.


            What are the benefits of using music/sound effects from AudioMicro?

            You can use the assets in many ways, even for marketing or sales, by using AudioMicro productions you are able to increase the quality of your content, which has the potential to increase your video's watch-time, and produce higher revenue. You will also have fewer claims, spend less time looking through publicly available libraries, higher quality and searchable media.


            Where can I use AudioMicro's content?

            Partners may use this in ways that include, but are not limited to, internet streaming and syncronization, YouTube video productions, film productions, broadcast (video, audio, internet), powerpoint and other slide presentations, and multimedia presentations, free iPhone / iPad apps and games, and all online games. Also note that you should create and store a single backup copy of the asset as needed solely for archival, tracking, or asset management purposes.


            Can I share my AudioMicro downloads with my friends?

            No. The stock music tracks on AudioMicro are copyright protected intellectual property. Customers that download files from the AudioMicro website cannot copy or distribute them outside the scope of individual commercial projects.


            How do I access AudioMicro's library?

            In order to login and utilize the music that AudioMicro offers, you need to make sure that you have access to the Freedom! Dashboard and have a channel that is partnered with a Freedom! account. Once you have those two, you can log in to AudioMicro!
            Signing in to AudioMicro is super easy, here is how:

            1. Head over to and click on the Freedom! logo
            2. Your page should redirect to the Freedom! Dashboard and prompt you to login. Do so and it should redirect back to AudioMicro's site with full access to the music.

            Once you have been sent back to AudioMicro, you're good to go!
            If you are receiving any errors, make sure your channel is linked to Freedom! and you have given the system enough time to update your account status. If you need any help, please reach out to the support team. Make sure to select ticket type AudioMicro.

            Please note that AudioMicro does not give you Loops Packs for free, but it gives you everything else for free as a Freedom! partner.

            For more information please watch the video below



            Do I need to give credits when using content from AudioMicro?

            Yes, but a small note such as saying that the music/sound effect(s) are provided by AudioMicro and adding a link to their website, is enough.


            Can I just upload the music/sound effects to my channel?

            No. The contents of this library are to be used as a support to your video production, not to be the main focus of the videos. You can't create videos that are only made up with these assets.


            Do I lose any revenue by using AudioMicro musics/sound effects in my videos?

            No. You will always be allowed to monetize your videos with AudioMicro's music.


            If I leave Freedom! will I lose revenue in the videos I used AudioMicro's music in?

            If you leave Freedom! you will still be able to monetize the videos in which you used AudioMicro asset's in. The only exception is that you may not upload any new videos with AudioMicro's music after you leave the partnership (unless you purchase a license from them).


            Will I have any claims in my videos, if I use content from AudioMicro?

            Occasionally, you may receive a Content ID match on some of AudioMicro's songs, but don't worry! If you are a Freedom! partner, simply email AudioMicro ( and mention the following:

            - Screenshot of the claim
            - Link to the video with the claim
            - Mention that you are a Freedom! partner and that you have a license to use the music in your videos

            They should be able to quickly resolve the claim.


            Can I submit my tracks to AudioMicro's website?

            Yes! All users are automatically registered as both music sellers and music buyers within the same user account.


            In what file format is AudioMicro's music delivered?

            • For files uploaded and listed as MP3 – the content is delivered in the original bit rate that the track was uploaded in – i.e. MP3 at 320 Kbps
            • For files uploaded and listed as WAV – the user has the option to download the file as a WAV, AIFF, or MP3 file in the following sample rates:  
              WAV = the original sample size/sample rate that the track was uploaded in - e.g. 48 kHz/16 bit  
              AIFF = the original sample size/sample rate that the track was uploaded in - e.g. 48kHz/16 bit
              MP3 = 320 Kbps
            • For files uploaded and listed as AIFF – the user has the option to download the file as an MP3, WAV or AIFF file in the following sample rates:
              AIFF = the original sample size/sample rate that the track was uploaded in - e.g. 48kHz/16 bit
              WAV = the original sample size/sample rate that the track was uploaded in - e.g. 48 kHz/16 bit
              MP3 = 320 Kbps


            If I buy/bought tracks from AudioMicro, where can I download the AudioMicro license?

            • If you navigate to your Tracks Licensed section, click on the license type below any given track to display the license, and you may print from there.
            • At the top of the license is a unique code which identifies your User # in their database and as well the track ID # in their database. Each license is specific to the track you licensed.
            • If you need to update the name of the licensee you can do so by navigating to your Display Name in your My Profile settings and update your display name as you wish it to appear on your licenses. To go straight there click here.


            What browser should I use with AudioMicro's website?

            AudioMicro recommends the most recent versions of Google Chrome for PC and Mac users. You can get that here:



            If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team by clicking in the Submit a request, at the top of this page.

            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 07:34 PM
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