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            ICG shares best practices for MCN agreements and brand deals

            The Internet Creators Guild (ICG) is a nonprofit organization created by YouTuber Hank Green, co-founder of the popular vlogbrothers channel, that published a study aimed to inform creators about best practices for MCN agreements and brand deals. For this, ICG spoke to a dozen lawyers, industry members, and creators to understand their perspectives, and the result is a document that addresses creator's main concerns, or at least the main concerns they should have, while looking at a new contract. The challenge often starts by knowing where the key elements of a contract are.

            One of the mentions made by ICG, regarding MCNs (Multi Channel Networks), is that contracts should be short, ideally with a trial-period, usually up to 3 months. At Freedom!, every creator has the option to join a standard agreement, that allows him to leave with a 30 days notice, there's not even a trial-period. Something to make sure you watch for is the auto renewal clause, especially if you are looking to sign a 1 year or even multi-year contract. It's essential that you keep track of the dates.

            For more tips, please read the full study by clicking here, or view the document here. And if you want to read additional studies made by ICG, click here.

            If at any moment you have any questions or concerns about your partnership with Freedom! make sure to contact support, by clicking here.

            Updated: 11 Apr 2019 01:56 PM
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