YouTube updates algorithm regarding to promote family friendly content

YouTube updates algorithm to promote family friendly content

YouTube continues to make changes to its algorithm regarding the family friendly content. According to a news post, YouTube's mentions that the recent changes are to "improve the ability for users to find quality family content". This change impacts both YouTube's core platform as well as the YouTube Kids app. 

As a result some channels saw a steep decline in views (i.e, Just For Kids) and others (i.e. Moonbug Kids - Cartoons and Kids Songs) grew to new levels, because some content benefits from the increased promotion across the platform and some just fades away from the main public eye because it's not recommended as much anymore. That being said, it's not clear the criteria used by YouTube to classify the content/channels that should or shouldn't be recommended.

Cory Williams posted a video on his reaction to these changes and how they affected his Just For Kids channel.

If you produce family friendly content, make sure to check out this article for content guidelines and best practices.

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