YouTube @mentions for titles and description

YouTube @mentions for titles and descriptions

YouTube is rolling out @mentions for video titles and description for channels with over 1,000 subscribers.

This feature gives creators a way to shoutout someone, give credit to a channel or use it for collaboration, it's up to the creator.

To use this feature, on YouTube Studio just enter @ followed immediately by the channel name and then select the channel from the drop down. If you don't see the channel you are looking for it may mean that the channel doesn't meet the 1,000 subscribers threshold.

On the other end, if you are the lucky one who's channel is being mentioned, you will be notified and be able to filter by "Mentions of your channel", in the notification inbox, to see who mentioned you in the last 30 days. This works not only for video titles and descriptions but also for mentions on Community Posts and YouTube Stories.

He is an example of what it looks like on a title:

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