YouTube is taking action on adult-themed videos aimed at kids

YouTube is taking action on adult-themed videos aimed at kids and families

YouTube made a new update to the Child Safety policies, in a publication made August 23, 2019, Youtube gives creators that produce "content that contains mature or violent themes that explicitly targets younger minors and families in the title, description and/or tags" a warning that that content will no longer be allowed on YouTube. This content was previously age-restricted, but now will be deleted.

YouTube is giving a 30-day grace period to creators, during which any content that matches this criteria will be removed. After this period, new content that violates the policies will get a strike. Previously published content will not receive a strike, but may still be removed. Creators will still be able to appeal if they believe the video doesn't violate YouTube's Community Guidelines.

YouTube noted that if you produce content that could be confused as family entertainment, that you should make sure your titles, descriptions, and tags match the audience you are targeting. In these cases you can also manually age restrict your content.

As YouTube uses the metadata to identify these videos, here are examples of content that will be removed: 
  1. A video with tags like "for children" featuring family friendly cartoons engaging in inappropriate acts like injecting needles.
  2. Videos with prominent children’s nursery rhymes that contain adult themes such as violence, sex, death, etc.
  3. Videos that explicitly target younger minors and families with phrasing such as “for kids” or “family fun” that contain vulgar language.

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