YouTube introduces 3 tools to give viewers more control over suggested videos

YouTube introduces 3 tools to give viewers more control over suggested videos

In a blog post, YouTube introduced 3 new tools to give viewers more control over the suggested videos that are shown in their Homepage and Up Next.

1. Suggestions based on topic

You can now watch suggested videos from a selection of topics of your choosing, which are based on your existing personalized suggestions. This feature is available at your homepage (when scrolling up), and on Up Next when browsing.

Android: Available for English signed-in users.
iOS, Desktop and other languages: Available soon

2. Filter out unwanted suggested channels

If you find a channel being suggested that you don't really care about, you can just tap the three-dots menu next to a video on the homepage or Up Next, and then select “Don’t recommend channel.” You will no longer see suggested videos from that channel, but you can still find them if:
  1. You subscribe to the channel;
  2. Search for the channel;
  3. Visit the channel page;
  4. Check the Trending Tab;

Android and iOS: Available globally.
Desktop: Available soon

3. More context for the recommended suggestions

YouTube will now give you more context as to why the videos are being suggested to you, particularly when they are videos from a channel you haven't seen before. In these cases, the videos are recommended because of what other viewers with the same interest as you have liked and watched in the past. A short message will be displayed below the video with more information.

iOS: Available globally
Android and Desktop: Available soon

To learn more about these features, take a look at the official post from YouTube.

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