What is Content ID and how can you use it

What is Content ID and how can you use it

Once you've been working for a while on YouTube and your content starts to get easily recognised and popular, there may be other creators that decide to use a portion of your content in their videos, or even reupload them into their own channels. For many creators, this is a problem that reduces their earnings potential and can damage their brand. The solution for this is found on Content ID services, such as the one we offer. With Content ID, you can gain back control over your content an decide what to do with the copies of your stolen videos, which includes monetizing those videos to recover lost revenue. 

Content ID is a digital footprint system that can be used to identify an actual use of license for content on YouTube. Audio and video on YouTube are compared against content files registered with content id by content owners looking for any matches.

Content id can claim the following content:
  1. Audio-visual
  2. Visual only
  3. Audio only
These are the policies you can implement for the assets you have available in your content id service:
  1. Block (make your stolen content unavailable to everyone, you will not generate any earnings with this policy)
  2. Track (view your stolen content statistics, such as views, you will not generate any earnings with this policy)
  3. Monetize (place ads in your stolen content to generate revenue for you)
What kind of content categories can be in content id?
Here are some examples:
  1. Entertainment (pranks, vlogs, documentaries)
  2. Music (instrumentals, specific types of cover songs)
  3. Evergreen content (DIY tutorials, cooking)
  4. Gaming (webcam overlay)
How do you actually protect you content?
We offer this type of service, so if you want to know the steps on how to do this, reach out to us at support@freedom.tm or open a ticket, and we will be happy to review your application.

Watch the video below for additional details.

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