What are brand deals and how can I find them?

What are brand deals and how can I find them?

If you are looking to increase your channel's potential, brand deals are a great option. Brands are constantly looking for influencers to promote their products and services. If your audience matches the target audience of a brand, and you have a great relationship with your audience, you are halfway to getting a brand deal. Brands want to sell, and if your audience trusts your opinion, you are more likely to be able to produce the sales brands want to see, especially if you have a large subscriber base and engaged audience.

What are brand deals?
Brand deals are a partnership between creators and brands, sometimes referred to as a brand sponsorship

What is branded content?
Branded content is usually paid for by a brand and features their products or services in some way.

What is brand integration?
Brand integration are a type of branded content where a creator finds a way to seamlessly feature a product or a service in his videos

Benefits for you and the brand
  1. Additional source of revenue and get access to products (including discount cupon codes to share with your audience or for giveaways)
  2. Products can spark new video ideas
  3. Your audience can benefit from learning about new products and services 
  4. Can help establish your channel as an influencer and open career opportunities beyond YouTube
  5. Brands benefit and expand their target market

Brands look for both big and small channels, it all depends on what you have to offer and at what price (or benefit) you want to offer your services. Some creator may not feel confortable working brands, because they may not fit their audience, brand or style, and risk annoying their audience. So, here are some tips to help you:

Partner with a brand you believe in
If it doesn't make sense for you and your audience, or you feel that it's just not a brand you can stand by, you may consider skipping the deal.

Be transparent with your audience
What your audience may benefit the most from may not always be what they want. Learn what kind o products or videos your audience is looking for. If you are still unsure, look for other content creators and ask them for their opinion.


Research the brand and understand their values
This is an important step. At this stage you should evaluate if the brand you are looking for shares the same views as you, the same target audience, topics, and more. 

Listen to your audience
Your audience insights can help you get a grasp of what channel can be a good fit for. Your fans want what's best for you, and they want to see you working with brands that fit your channel and make sense for you and them as well.

Look for brands that suit your channel
Don't just pick any brands, make sure they fit your channel. For example, if you already use some equipment for your content creator from a specific brand, a camera for example, it can be a good idea to get in touch with the company. 


Sponsorship platforms
Sponsorship platforms are online marketplaces, like FameBit by YouTube. These platforms are usually the fastest way to find sponsorship opportunities.

Proactively contacting brands
Go wherever the brands are so you can get their attention, such as in events, social media, their website, or even go to their office for an audience. Building the relationship and rapport with the brand so that when the time comes and opportunity is there you already have a foot in the door.

Build your portfolio with what you will need to talk to the brands:
  1. Statistics on your audience demographics and subscribers.
  2. Your accomplishments.
  3. Examples of your favorite content.
  4. Other brands you've worked with (and statistics from these companies that you can share).
  5. Highlights of what you uniquely bring to the table.
  6. Your value and what you can do for them.
Here's what you will need for your presentation letter:
  1. Your brand-friendly-story or media kit.
  2. Why your audience will care about your brand (why your audience will care about their brand, why is it a good fit for your audience, and how reaching your audience can serve the brands needs. If your audience is already interested in the brand, you can link to the comments or other show examples).
  3. Your vision of what a successful partnership looks like.
  4. Your vision of what a successful partnership looks like and creative suggestions on how you could incorporate the brand in your videos.
  5. Examples of your previous content that was similar and successful.
  6. Details that could make a brand know you care about their success (i.e. offering to post more on social media, affiliate links in your video description, or other innovative ways you could you the product/service).

Don't be discouraged when they do not reply or reject you. This will happen, for one or many reasons, like you may not be a good fit or it's just not the right moment for you. The important thing is that you continue on the right path working on your channel, other opportunities will find their way to you later. When the time comes you may even have a nice surprise with them reaching out to you.

For more information on brand deals and how to find them, watch the videos below:

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