Weekly Payments, how do they work?

Weekly Payments, how do they work?

How does this service work?

Unless you disable this service, every week you will receive a payment that includes any finalized earnings available + 50% of your estimated channel and content ID earnings. Regular and Advance payments will continue to apply to all other earnings (i.e. crypto, channel referrals, CID referrals, The Clot Thickens referrals, etc.).

Are all sources of earnings paid through Weekly Payment?
No. The Weekly Payment excludes Super Chat, Channel Memberships and YouTube Premium earnings. These earnings are paid on the 18th of each month, following the payment schedule you previously selected. For the full payment schedule information, click here.

Are there any fees associated to the Weekly Payments service?

The Weekly Payment service is built on the same structure of the Instant Payments service, so the same 10% fee is applied. You can think of this as a weekly scheduled Instant Payment! We’ve made this available given many users have asked for weekly or bi-weekly payments to help with their budgeting and bills.

Is there be any threshold for payments?

Yes. These are the requirements:

Freedom! Bank Transfer - $50

Payoneer - $7

PayPal - No threshold

Is this service available to everyone?

This service is available to all Freedom! partners and clients of our Aegis (Content ID) service.

Is this service available for all payment methods?

This service is available for Freedom! Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer users.

What is the schedule for the Weekly Payments?

Payments are scheduled to be sent on UTC Wednesdays at 00:00 AM.

Can I disable or re-enable this service at any time?


How do I enable/disable the weekly payments?
  1. Login to your Freedom! account.

  2. At the top right side of the page, click your avatar.

  3. Click the account settings icon.

  4. Select the “Payment Setup” tab.

  5. Disable or re-enable the “Weekly payment” option. Then click “Save Changes”.

If you have any questions about this service, make sure to reach out to our support by opening a ticket. We'll be happy to help.

Updated: 2023-08-09

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