Reused content: how it can affect your monetization

Reused content: how it can affect your monetization

Reused content is mentioned in YouTube's channel monetization policies, and it refers to repurposing someone else's content, without adding significant original commentary or educational value.

As this is a part of AdSense policies, it affects the ability of a video or channel to be monetized. This means that at any moment, if YouTube decides that your channel has a significant amount of videos that are considered as reused content, your application to join the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) may be denied. On the other hand, if your channel is already a part of YPP, this may lead to a YPP suspension (demonetization of the channel). 

To keep in mind:
  1. Think about what significant added value you can provide to the viewer when reusing content
  2. Having a license to publish someone else's content (e.g. music) doesn't automatically clear you from this policy
  3. When reusing content, don't forget about the other YouTube policies, such as copyright

Examples of content that is allowed to be monetized:
  1. Using clips for a critical review
  2. A scene from a movie where you’ve rewritten the dialog and changed the voiceover
  3. Replays of a sports tournament where you explain the special moves a competitor did to succeed (or fail)
  4. Reaction videos where you comment on the original video
  5. Edited footage from other creators where you add a storyline or commentary

Examples of content that's not allowed to monetize:
  1. Clips of moments from your favorite show edited together with little or no narrative
  2. Short videos you compiled from other social media websites
  3. Collections of songs from different artists (even if you have their permission)
  4. Content uploaded many times by other creators
  5. Promotion of other people’s content (even if you have permission)

Watch the video below for additional details. 

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