Reasons why your subscribers may not be watching your content

Reasons why your subscribers may not be watching your content

There can be many reasons why your subscribers may not be watching your videos, so in this article we will be covering some of those and give you tips on what you can do about it.

Your content may not be what they signed up for
When viewers subscribes to your channel it's because they found that you, or some of your content, is interesting. Although people like to relate to people, in the end, content will be what makes or breaks a channel. If the content for which they signed up for is not being produced they will likely lose interest in your channel.

What you can do is:
  1. Go to your YouTube Studio
  2. Then click in Analytics

  3. Click "Subscribers" and then select "Lifetime".

  4. Click "See more" under the graphic.

  5. Check the column "Subscribers" to see which videos have lead to the most subscriptions being made.

  6. You can also check what are the videos that have brought in the most views for your channel. Go to your channel's "Videos" page, and sort videos by "Most popular".

  7. Once you know what interests your audience, create more content of the same type.

You are publishing videos at times that people are busy or unable to watch them
Tipically, holidays are not the best to publish videos as viewers are doing other things besides watching YouTube videos. That being said, if you want to publish videos during the holidays, try to understand when during the day is your audience most likely to be watching videos on YouTube, as their schedule may be different. If you are targeting high school students, you can try publishing your videos after classes. You can also check with your fans, after all they are the ones who will be watching your videos.

Your viewers interest has changed
This is particularly true for example if you start off with a young audience and their interests change overtime. This is when you can try to introduce new ideas, content or style. As always, give your community a few new ideas so they can tell you what they think about them. They may even come up with some cool new ideas for you. If you create gameplay videos, you can create a character for yourself based on the game you are playing, and imitate their voice. 

You did sub4sub or you bought subscribers
As YouTube mentioned, Sub4Sub is not allowed and if you bought subscribers, they likely only subscribed to you because they would have something to gain from that, so you can expect that your number of views and watchtime will not increase by doing this. In the end, the contrast between a high number of subscribers and a low number of views/watch time per video can even play against you if you are trying to be noticed by brands and grow your channel.

Maybe your expectations are too high
It's good to set high goals for your channel as they will motivate you to work harder, but make sure to moderate your expectations, as statistically, less than 5% of your subscribers will become loyal viewers. Therefore, it's very important that you know well your niche, study your competitors to know where your audience is, what they like, and then think about what you can do different, and how you can do something that is unique.

Other reasons
There can be many other reasons why your subscribers are not watching your videos, such as they have not enabled the notifications for your new uploads, or there could even be an issue on YouTube related to the platform and notifications are not being sent at for a period of time. Other simple explanations can be just that they don't have time anymore due to work. Best way to make sure what other reasons there could be is to ask your fans about it.

Also, check out the video below.

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