New YouTube Chapters can help you grow

New YouTube Chapters can help you grow

YouTube introduced a new feature called Video Chapters, that allows you to create timestamps that will show up in the video's progress bar.

The chapters are generated based on the information you include in your video's description, so it's very easy to add them to your videos. Just add the timestamps and a title for each on your video's description and YouTube will turn those into chapters.

Here are some important notes:
  1. To enable this feature, your first timestamp has to start with 00:00
  2. Video needs to have at least 3 timestamps or chapters, and each needs to be at least 10 seconds
  3. If you want to disable video chapters on any of your content, you can adjust the first timestamp in your video description to be something other than 0:00 for example "0:01."
This is a great feature as you are now able to give your audience a faster way to get to exciting moments in your videos, and easily go back and re-watch a portion of the content that they found more interesting or helpful. This can be applied to any type of content, including music, and works great for tutorials, gameplays, and anything else you believe can provide value to your audience.

This can also help you boost your video's watch time, which is a key metric used by YouTube to promote your videos and is also impacts the amount of revenue a video can generate.

Watch the video below to see this feature in action.

Date created: 2020-06-01
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