New strikes for links in video descriptions

New strikes for links in video descriptions

YouTube is issuing Community Guidelines strikes to channels with links to a website called Toneden. According to YouTube, this violates their spam policy because users are incentivized to subscribe to a channel in order to get access to a download link.

Although this issue was mainly observed on music promo channels that posted links in the description of their videos to that website, note that the issue here are the links to any websites that violate YouTube's policies. Also to note is that using URL shorteners to "hide" the actual website URLs does not solve the issue, as YouTube's algorithm can trace the link as can a human review.

Some examples of links that may lead to penalties by YouTube:
  1. Links that send users to a page with ads to generate revenue, instead of directly linking to the page.

  2. Links that force viewers to subscribe/like/share to join a giveaway and gain points.

  3. Links trees, if they send viewers to sites similar to their platform (Soundcloud, Twitch, Dailymotion, etc)
    Examples:, (,

If you are currently using links to websites that may violate YouTube's policies, but you have a lot of content that needs editing to comply with these policies, you can try removing the links from all your videos using the bulk edit option directly on YouTube, as seen here, or use apps like Tubebuddy (if you have a premium subscription) to bulk find/replace/remove the links.

Here are some links that have related information that we recommend you read:
  1. YouTube Community Guidelines
  2. Spam, deceptive practices & scams policies
  3. Links in your content policy
  4. YouTube contest policies

Also make sure to check our CEO's video talking about this below.

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