Interacting with your Audience and Creating your Community

Interacting with your Audience and Creating your Community

Engaging with your audience is very important, especially in the beginning, as you are trying to build your channel and grow the number of views and viewers. Below we have a few tips on how you can do that.

Reply to comments
Engaging with your community in the comment section of your videos is the first step to create a connection that, hopefully, will be long lasting. People like attention, so make sure that you reply to all the comments of your community, they will appreciate that, and keep coming back for more. This is something that you should do on a daily basis to achieve the best results.

Pin comments at the top of the feed
You can pin your comments or the comments by the community that you feel are worthy and can help others. This can help focus the community in a specific conversation which you can use to promote better discussions. By promoting specific comments from the community, they will also feel that their value is recognized by you, and will be more likely to continue posting comments.

Show some love by giving hearts to your favorite comments
Give hearts to your favorite comments, as that will have a positive impact on how the audience see's you.

Plug your community into initiatives, projects, or topics you're interested in and promote them with hashtags
Focus on your audience making them feel that they are part of an exclusive community, discussing with them your ideas and projects. They will appreciate to be included in your thoughts and plans and will help you in return, with ideas or even participating in your projects more actively. Remember that their feedback is important.

Make videos about your community
Listen to your community, and if you can address them with a video, even better. Once in a while consider making a thank you note to them. If you just reached your first 100 subscribers, or you have already reached 50,000 subscribers, that's a good opportunity to make a video about your community, to celebrate together, and strengthen the bonds with your community.

Connect with your fans to build loyalty
Live streams are a great way to interact with your audience and good way to reward your top community fans as well, giving them the chance the get in a more personal level with you. Another way to interact with them on a different level, is by using the YouTube Community tab of your channel, where you can rewards your fans with preview of your next videos, make polls, post more personal content that you may not be able to in your videos, and much more.

Also, check out the video below.

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