How to use social media to grow your channel

How to use social media to grow your channel

Building a channel is like building your own brand. You can take advantage of social media platforms to grow both your brand (reach a new audience) as well as your channel followers. Maybe you are just starting and you want to know how to do it, or you are already using social media but you want to know more. We have some tips for you, continue reading below.

Re-edit your videos to suit social media
Different platforms have different standards, this can be anything from the video format/frame size to the type of content and length of the videos. When creating videos, keep in mind the different platform standards so that, ideally, you make just 1 video that can easily be edited to fit different social media platforms. 

Post regularly to create a following
To create a following you first need to create content in a particular niche that you and other people are interested in. People look for content every day, so the more quality content you are able to produce on a regular basis in the niche you are focused on, the more chances you have of growing you following.

Link your playlist or channel to your bio
If you want people to know about your channel, the easiest way is to put the link to a playlist from your YouTube channel in your social media bio. Make it a hyperlink so people can just click on it.

Use hashtags
Using hashtags improves the discovery potential of your content. When people search or click in a hashtag, they will discover other content that includes that same hashtag. Create short and simple hashtags so that they are easier to remember when someone is looking for your channel or social media.

Encourage people to share your videos
The best way to promote your content is to have your followers do that for you. However, you have to engage with them, and ask them to do it. The more exposure you have, the more like, subscribers, shares and comments you will have. Make sure to create content that people want to share. If you provide enough value, you will get your reward.

Watch the video below for additional details.

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