How to record magic trick videos

How to record magic trick videos

If you are a magician or you have some tricks you want to record on video to leave the audience in awe, here are some tips.

Angle carefully the camera
Magic tricks are a lot about perspective. You should be careful when positioning your camera to make sure your trick is not compromised, but still make sure the audience can clearly see what's going on.

For mystical feels add mystery sounds
For most people, magic is a mystery. If you look at most magic shows, they usually add music and sounds for ambience. By adding mystery sound you will be able to put more emphasis on the "mystical forces that you summon to create your magic". 

Close up on the trick
You need to make things clear for your audience. The more clear things are for your audience, the more "magic power" you will have. This is also great to divert the attention of the audience to a spot you want them to look at, while you perform the steps for the tick away from their attention. Do some carefully positioned closeups and the audience will love you even more.

Add narrations
Taking the audience through the steps as you go is part of the fun for both the magician and the public. That being said, narration's main purpose is to direct their attention to where you want your audience to focus on, as magic is all about the art of misdirection.

Watch the video below for additional details.

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