How to make funny videos

How to make funny videos

If you are a comedian or just a funny person who likes to make videos, we have some tips on how you can use your humor to your advantage on your channel.

Brainstorming alone or with funny people is a good practice to come up with ideas on how to make comedy. This when you start to plan your videos ahead. Comedy doesn't actual require you to make jokes to be funny, you can be funny in other ways. Sometimes you can create humor with editing, getting the right clips at the right time and mixing them up. You can also record your pets or funny situations.

Create the script, practice, make it perfect
It's crucial to get this part right. If you want to make people laught you need to get your comedy act right. This is where a script will come in handy. If you look at your videos as mini films, it will be easier to apply all the steps that go into making a successful film, which include the practice, where you can make mistakes, explore other creative outputs, or perfect the lines in the script.

Always shoot with high quality
Not everyone can have the latest and greatest camera in the market, but if you have the chance, between ok and great, choose great. Look at it as an investment, the more quality your video has, the higher the chances of having a positive feedback. However, remember that quality is not only linked to the device you use to capture the video. All of the above and below, will help you create higher quality videos.

Editing amplifies your jokes and your comedic moments
You can go all out in the editing of your videos. Add background, sound effects, music, layers and so on. 

Check out the video below for more details.

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