How to make a music video on a budget

How to make a music video on a budget

If you have a tight budget to create music videos, we have some tips for you.

Shoot with what you have
If you can't afford to get the latest DSLR camera, the best light kit, or the best microphone, don't panic. Chances are that you already have a smartphone, which includes all that you need, even if you have to be creative for quality purposes. Sure, you may not be able to get the best low-light shots, depth of field, colors, or even resolution, but if you use post-processing to improve quality, record videos during the day, or still able to have good enough light at night, you can still get surprisingly good results. You can also try and borrow equipment from your friends.

Ask for volunteers to help you create your music video if you don't have the budget to hire a film crew. Your friends and close relatives may be able to help you. However, be prepared to work on some incentives for their participation, as they are unpaid and may find it hard to meet your schedule. You can do something nice for them, as buying food and drinks to be available after the shootings. Some of the participants may also find value in learning how to do what you are doing, so take some time to teach them, if they have the interest for it.

Keep it to 1 day shooting
To keep the costs down, plan for a 1 day shoot. Pre-production is very important when you're on a tight budget. Make sure you make a list of things you will need for the shooting and have them all available for the shooting day. Any issues in the day of recording will take more of your budget and delay the final product.

Have a ready concept in mind
Concepts are the themes behind the videos. This helps you make a plan that includes all you will need and their associated costs, so you can create and stay on your budget.

Watch the video below for additional details.

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