How to make a good unboxing video

How to make a good unboxing video

If unboxing videos is your thing, or you want to add this type of videos to your channel's content, we have some tips for you.

Get good equipment
When there is a choice of using what you have or buying higher quality equipment, you should consider getting better equipment as that will increase the value of your content. Note that unboxing videos are about showing in more detail the contents of a box. If you don't have good quality video to show your audience the fine details, they may miss the details they are looking for. Ideally a good camera, microphone and even a tripod, will go a long way in providing value to your productions.

Make sure that your background is presentable
If you are able to make a clean unboxing with no distractions, this will keep your audience focused on the actual unboxing and not miss anything you want to share with them.

Choose a product that you want
Unboxing is not just taking a product out of a box. When choosing a product for unboxing, if you pick a product you actually want, you are more likely to go in depth about the small details, which is what people are looking for. Unboxing products you don't really want generally lead to rushed, generic, low value unboxing videos. If you can't be excited about the things you are doing unboxing for, sometimes it's best not to do an unboxing. Your excitement brings makes your personality shine, and that's what attracts people. 

Add your personal touches
The most important thing is to be yourself. If you're a funny person, be funny. If you are a methodical kind of person, use it in your videos. As said above, your personality is what brings people closer to you.

Don't forget about the effects
Let's face it, if you really don't have anything to hold your camera and you need to unbox a product with one hand, or the products is packed under many layers, it's likely you will take a long time to get to the product you want to show your audience. In these cases, you can use effects to speed up the video during the editing process, or consider making some cuts. Your audience will appreciate it and you will have a better overall video, with less people dropping off of it.

For comedic effect, throw out the manual
If comedy is your thing, your manual may be something you don't want to lose time with during your unboxing. Slow paced unboxing are ok, if the value is there, but ideally you don't want to spend time with the manual during the unboxing, unless it's a quick pick. That being said, throwing out the manual on camera and going straight to the product is something that never gets old, for comedy purposes of course, because you should always read the manual for security reasons at least.

If you screw up, place it in the video
At some point you are likely going to make a mistake, maybe you are using the wrong screwdriver, or you dropped something, or something gets broken. Don't edit out those portions of your unboxing videos as your fans will appreciate those very much.

Make sure to watch the video below for additonal details.

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