How to create music videos

How to create music videos

If music videos are your thing, we have some tips that may help you.

Choose the best song for you and your brand
Think of widely known song that you can recreate and recycle the content. Why pick up a widely known? Making content that is relatable will greatly enhance your chances of other people interacting with you. You can also pick up a good song that resonates and inspire you and your band. You should also not be afraid to start with the equipment you already have, and just make the best you can with the time you have. Remember that perfection is the enemy of progress. If you take too much time to create your productions, there is a higher chance of losing focus, and even give up on the project entirely. Another thing to keep in mind when doing covers is copyright. If you have a license to monetize and replicate, that's great, but if not you can try to argue with fair use in case of copyright claims, although this should be a last resort.

Getting the crew and equipment
You have to factor in your talents, your productions needs and their costs, as they are part of the pre-production costs. Failing here may lead to the failure of the production. All these must be checked in at this stage so that you don't run into any unexpected issues in the day of shooting.

Planining before the shoot
It's good to go through a task checklist to make sure nothing is left behind, such as the storyboard, the illustration you will be using for the shooting, which includes a visual representation of the video production ahead. This helps you get a firm grasp of the whole video, including the actions, setting, and everything else that comprises the whole scene, and can be use to direct people under your care, and of course, place essential graphics and text on the video. This is good practice to have in films, TV and theater to get your ideas across to your audience.

Once all preparations are done, all you need if to shoot your productions effectively. All the work you have done prior will make everything easier on a time management perspective. 

Things to avoid excessively
Excessive zooms may render footage unusable. Excessive special effects may distract your audience from the message you want to share in your video. Adding sound effects is a great way to increase the dramatic feel of a scene, but don't over do it.

Make sure to watch the video below for additional details.

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