How to create educational and entertaining content

How to create educational and entertaining content

If you are an expert in a topic or you just want to share your knowledge with others, here are some tips that can help you start something like this. Note that these are guidelines, and you can tweak them as much as you like and need to.


Edutainment is a mix between educational and entertainment. This a common type of content on YouTube in which the creator delivers the knowledge to the viewers but keeps them interested enough to pull them into his other videos, which aren't necessarily covering topics the viewer was looking for.

Straightforward educational videos
Tipically, these are more technical videos, such as the ones that can help you solve your math or chemistry problems. 

Skill based videos
Usually step by step tutorials. Examples of these types of videos are those that teach you how paint, how to use some kind of software.


Take some time to define the type of audience you are going to reach out to. Different types of people can have different learning needs or interests, which will have an influence on how you create your content. Not everyone consumes the content in the same way. Research your audience and take a look at other educational channels to understand what the audience is looking for and how you can improve on that process so you can deliver your knowledge in a way that the viewers can easily consume it.

Chances are that the content you are creating now, is already being covered by someone else. The question that remains is, how can you add more value to that content? The answer is not an easy one, but if you think about how you can help the viewer or completely solve a problem, then you're on the right track.

Prior knowledge
Think about a topic on which you have good knowledge. You don't have to be an expert, although it can be more valuable for the viewer, but if you know a topic well enough that you are able to share it with those looking for it, that's a start. As you go, you can always improve your knowledge and make more videos about that topic with added details. If you have skill that are more easily shown than talked about, that works as well. Want to show someone how to make a skateboard trick? Show it to them. Show it in slow motion and/or from different angles for addition details.

Learn along with your audience
If you master something well enough that you can teach others, great! If not, you can invite those that do have the knowledge or skills to share information in your channel. Interviews are also a way to create educational content, even if most of the knowledge is not provided by you directly. 

The stronger your brand, the louder your voice. On YouTube your brand has meaning and the stronger it is, the further you can reach. 

Creating content is one thing, but maintaining the flow of new videos in your channel is another. Your content needs to fit you in every way possible as well. If you are not able to maintain continuously provide a consistent schedule or performance, it's more likely that in time you will eventually need a break or even end your channel altogether. Make a long term list of content for your channel and see how many topics you could cover. If the list is short, you may have to rethink if you have enough material or if you will have to branch into a wider range of topics. 

You can watch the video below for additional details.

Looking for more? Check out YouTube's Creator Academy.
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