How to create a good food video

How to create a good food video

If you love cooking and you want to create videos to share your knowledge on how to mix the right ingredients to make a great meal, we have some tips for you. Of course, if you are just starting your cooking journey and you want to share it with everyone, this will also help you, as there are some key elements you should know.

Choose a recipe you can cook
Unless you are aiming to fail, you can start with something that you know you can cook, even if it's as simple as doing some scrambled eggs. On the other hand, if you do your own recipes, that's even better, as there are a lot of people always looking to learn new recipes.

Set up your equipment
Cooking usually translate into a step-by-step guide, so you want to make sure your videos clearly show every step and that the public can hear you well so they don't miss anything about the process. You need to make sure your camera, microphone and light setup can deliver a great quality video. You may also look at acquiring a camera tripod as this is one of the ways you can do those great vertical shots at what you are doing with your hands.

Always make sure to have the necessary ingredients
Make sure to make a full list of the ingredients you will need for your recipe and that you prepare them before you start shooting the video. You don't want to start the recording process and halfway through finding you are missing an ingredient.

Offer the basics
Many people watching your videos will be people looking to learn a step-by-step process. If you go to fast they or you miss any basic information, they will get confused and your video will lose value for them. Make sure to set a pace that's easy for anyone to follow and that you take time to mention the small details and also why you are doing what you are doing. Your community will appreciate your dedication to adding all the details that go into the cooking you are showing. That being said, you don't want to make a 30 minute video when the value could be delivered in 10 minutes or less. Keep it short and sweet.

Spotlight the food
Close-ups are important to show the fine details. They should be done before, during and after the cooking. Showing all the ingredients, showing some of the steps in the process, and then at the end, a close-up for the final result. 

Watch the video below for additional details.

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