How does Freedom! Pay work?

How does Freedom! Pay work?

What is Freedom! Pay?

A new payment service (timing/schedule) that pays you almost 1 month BEFORE YouTube pays everyone.

For example, Freedom! Pay sends your September revenue at the end of September (Sep 30).

Why do I see a different amount in my YouTube analytics?

If there is any difference between the paid amount and the finalized amount based on the finalized reports from YouTube, we will reconcile it in the next payment.

I liked Freedom! Pay, how do I opt-in?

Here is a step-by-step process on how you can opt-in:

  1. Log in to using your Freedom! Dashboard email address. 

  2. Go to Payment set-up.

  1. On the Payment Timing, click the pen tool on Freedom! Pay

  1. On the Update Freedom! Pay Subscription pop-up box, click PROCEED.

5. There will be a prompt “Update successful” at the bottom. Freedom! Pay status will turn from Off to On (as shown in the screenshot)

Is there a cost?
Yes, 10% Freedom! Pay fee.

I prefer my old payment schedule, can I change it back to my old schedule?
Yes, you can. Here is a step-by-step process on how to opt-out of Freedom! Pay
  1. Log in to  using your Freedom! Dashboard email address. 
  2. Go to Payment set-up.

  1. On the Payment Timing, click the pen tool on Freedom! Pay

  1. On the  Update Freedom! Pay Subscription pop-up box, you will see brief information on the benefits of Freedom! Pay. Kindly take time to read the information. If you are already decided in opting out, you can click PROCEED.

  1. If you press OPT-OUT you will see at the bottom “Update successful” with Freedom! Pay Current status: Off (as shown on the screenshot). This is your confirmation that you have successfully opted out.

Can all sources of earnings can be paid through Freedom! Pay?

No. The Freedom! Pay excludes transactional revenue such as Super Chat, Super Stickers, Channel Memberships and YouTube Premium earnings. These earnings are paid on the 18th of each month, following the payment schedule you previously selected (Advance or Normal). For the full payment schedule information, click here.

Will there be any threshold for payments?

Yes, depending on your payment method:

Freedom! Bank Transfer - $50

Payoneer - $7

PayPal - No threshold

Is this service available to everyone?

This service is available to all Freedom! and Aegis (Content ID) clients.

Is this service available for all payment methods?

This service is available for PayPal, Freedom! Bank Transfer and Payoneer users.

Can I disable or re-enable this service at any time?


If you have any questions about this service, you can have a chat with us on your partner dashboard, opening a ticket or send us an email via We look forward to talking with you.

Updated: 2023-08-09
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