Fundamentals of a Creative Strategy

Fundamentals of a Creative Strategy

You may have already come across some of the things we will be talking about in this article, as they are the basis for a creative strategy, but knowing this and mastering it, are totally different things, so we are going to talk about the basis and give you some tips on what to do.


Always have your crosshairs on your target
Defining your target audience, those that are most likely to watch your videos, is the first step you need to take. Once you know who you want to reach out to exactly, you can start creating content specifically for them.

Always look for ways to increase your discoverability
Discoverability is how your content/channel is found throughout the YouTube platform. One thing you can do it to create content on trending topics, which can put your channel in the trending list and recommended pages. Creating content frequently is also important to keep your audience coming back for more, and watching more of your videos when they are found. Make sure to learn more about SEO (Search Engline Optimization).

Collaboration is key
Collaborating with other creators allow you to share your audiences with each other. If you find a channel who's audience is share the same interests as yours, reach out to the creator to collaborate with him. Everyone wins, you, the other creator and both audiences, as they are in fact one an the same.

Sharing is caring
Sharing is one of the things that can make a video explode and reach a lot of people. For that, you will need to make sure your content is shareable, like creating content about what's trending, being original and relatable, for example making a video that looks like a conversation between you and your audience, and then joining the conversation in the comment section. 

Call to actions and accessibility
Always try to redirect your audience to your other videos as that is one of the best ways to keep the watch time increasing, and as your know, on YouTube watch time is king. 


Have a conversation with your audience
As we always say, having a conversation with your audience helps build a relationship with them, and expand your fan base. The audience loves to be heard and know you care about them, that you value their support and their time. Acknowledge them and make sure they know how important they are to you.

Call of the audience
YouTube is all about the community. If they ask a question, make sure to answer them. Try to be a part of their lives as they feel they are a part of yours when they are watching you on your daily activities or talking about how great it was to take that trip. The audience also loves to get questions from their favorite creators, especially if it can involve shaping to channel and the content to what they would like to see, so you can ask them what kind of content they want in future videos, or you can ask a simple question, like how was their day. If there are any events coming up, ask them questions about it.

Got to keep the hustle and of course the personality
Keeping a consistent format, brand, personality and schedule are very important. It's always an awkward situation when people confuse you with someone else, so making sure your are unique is key. 


You need inspiration
So where does it come from? It basically comes from your experiences. You can try doing what you already love doing, such as watching movies, listen to music, playing the games, or you can try new experiences, going to places you haven't been, meeting new people, going outside the box to learn new things that may inspire you in finding your path. Inspiration will fuel your drive to create content that you enjoy doing.

Keep up with making content
Some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself are if you are able to create content consistently every week, month, year, or if the way you create your content is efficient enough so you can keep doing it for long periods of time. If your answer is no, then go back to the drawing board. Creating cost effective videos, like vlogs, that you can do with minimal editing if you want to, can be an option if you have limited time or want to keep the production costs low. If you can easily create content you are more likely to keep doing it for extended periods of time, and be happy to getting back to doing more each time.

Make sure to watch the video below for additional information.

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