Family friendly guidelines

Family friendly content guidelines and best practices for content with children

When producing content aiming for a younger audience or families, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Some tips regarding the content:
  1. Producing high quality content will increase the chances of capturing the viewers interest, and keep them checking more of your videos.
  2. Focus on providing value, add narrative or voiceover. Content that promotes development and is educational is great, and if it can inspire family interaction, even better.
  3. Have accurate and clear thumbnails and titles. Clickbait content violate the Community Guidelines.

Things you should not do in family-friendly videos:
  1. Showing people in harmful situations or in emotional or physical distress, such as being humiliated, fighting, or anything else that can lead to a negative sentiment.
  2. Using "family-friendly" characters inappropriately, involved in violence or any other mature themes.
  3. Videos where there is excessive consumption of unhealthy food consumption, binging or overeating.
  4. Content such as pranks, challenges or dares, that can be dangerous if imitated, as they are directed to a more mature audience.
  5. Duplicative, repetitive content with small tweaks for differentiation, that can be easily mass-produced.
  6. Don't use profanity or vulgarity throughout the video.
  7. Don't create sexualized content, such as content where the focal point is nudity, body parts, or sexual simulations.

Things you should do when minors are featured in your videos:
  1. Comply with all laws, rules and regulations related to working with minors. Check these locally as well.
  2. Secure consent from the minor’s parent or legal guardian before featuring them in your video, and ensure participation is voluntary.
  3. Moderate comments and flag inappropriate comments for spam or abuse. You want to make sure the experience is positve across all areas, for everyone. Learn more.
  4. Ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the minor, that is also clear for the viewers.

Want to learn more about family friendly content? We recommend the following:

Make sure to also watch the videos below for more details.

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