Basic content ideas

Basic content ideas

As a creator, you may find yourself sometimes out of ideas to create content for your channel. Although the following are basic ideas, it's interesting to find that many creators still don't use them. If you have recently started your channel our you are looking to start a new channel, these ideas may help you get of the ground.

Introduce yourself
Ideally, this would be the kind of video that you start your channel with. Usually something you can use as a channel trailer as well, where you talk about yourself and why you want to make videos, your goals for your channel, type of content the audience can expect to see on the channel, and a potential schedule, so they know when to look for new videos. This is also a good way to start a conversation with your audience.

Response videos
Instead of leaving a comment, why not create a response video? They are a great way to show your audience that you listen to them when they leave comments and at the same time, reach even more people. You can also create response videos or reaction videos for any topic you find online that you feel you should create a response video to express your opinion, why you agree or disagree with something. This will also give your audience a way to interact with you on a deeper level, as they understand how strong you feel about certain subjects.

Vlog content
How about talking about random thing through your day or do a vlog on your travel? Vlogs are easier to create, and you can do them on the go, anywhere, with your phone or camera, with little editing if you want to. Bring your audience into your life, and take them to the places you go to.

Opinion video
Commenting on the latest news will give you a lot of content to go through while you talk about your point of view on any given topic. You can discuss anything from the latest game patches and episodes in a tv series, to political debates. If you are discussing the latest episode of your favorite tv series, you can talk about what's your view on the plot, what you think comes next, things that you would like to see, things you didn't like and how would you change them if you were the producer. Also to note is that if your opinions are about trending topics, that will help you get the word out there faster, while everyone is looking for that kind of content.

Challenge videos
Remember the bucket challenge? Pie in the face? The 10 questions challenge? There are many interesting and fun challenges out there, and you can start your own, who knows, maybe you will start a new trend. Although doing a challenge that is already trending can give you a boost in views. 

Reviewing a product or service is always a nice piece of content to have. People are always looking for honest opinions about products or services they are interested in. By talking about the pros and cons, you are helping someone make a decision based on your opinion, which is great for the community. If you are reviewing games make sure to address the usual areas, graphics, sound, game mechanics, story and others that are points of reference for people looking for reviews. Making a great review can take time, but if you do it right, your audience will keep coming back for more on the topics you cover in your reviews.

What's on my _____? video
This video format is usually very appreciated by the fans because the creator, by showing the audience what are the contents of his bag, phone, computer, and anything else you can thing of, helps him connect with his fans. They will discover new things they didn't know about the creator, which is something fans never get tired of, and can create a lot of discussions and even ideas for next videos.

Favorite songs, movies, sports, tv shows
By now you have already picked up that all these ideas are about you sharing more about yourself with your audience, so here's one more. However, what's great about this one, is that people can instantly relate to you if you share with them your interests. Perhaps you have a group of songs that you can't get enough of, or a favorite tv series you obsess about. Let your audience know why you like about them. You may even be the one to introduce to many of your fans something great they didn't know about, and they will see a lot of value in it.

Comedy videos
If you are a funny person, use it. People on YouTube just can't get enough of things that make them laugh. You can be the one putting a smile on their faces. What better way to cause a lasting impression?

Video series
Now, if you are a good storyteller and you have the funds to produce your own series, try it out. You can start small, and you don't even need to have a full picture to understand where it ends, you just need to make a first episode, check the reactions from the audience and find the good critics that you can apply to your next episode. This will keep your series always evolving and improving, and also going in a direction that both you and your audience can appreciate.

Create video game content
Video game content attract a lot of views, and in case you didn't notice, YouTube even has it's own gaming hub with YouTube Gaming. That's how "serious" gaming is on YouTube. Even if you are not the best of players, don't worry, you can win your audience with your charming and entertaining personality, or just being funny if that's who you are. Remember, people love to see true reactions.

How to videos and evergreen content
Did you know how to videos are some of the most searched pieces of content on YouTube? Well, they are. People can get enough of these videos and they just keep on discovering more things that they didn't even know they wanted to learn. If you know how to efficiently show someone how to do something you have great skills for, go for it, as that provides a lot of value to the audience and they will certainly be happy for you taking the time to help them.

Musical performances
A favorite type of content for many. Watching covers and other creators performing their original songs is great, and if you are got at it, you can be the next YouTube star, as people tend to share a lot these types of videos, making them go viral.

Cooking videos
Who doesn't love eating? How about eating the best meals from around the world? That's where your cooking skills come in to help the viewers prepare the a meal on the go. A lot a people are fans of cooking videos, that's why there are even tv channels dedicated to that, 24/7.

Travel videos
If you like traveling and you can do it, how about sharing those moments on YouTube? People love to see new place, especially through the eyes of their favorite YouTubers. And if you are able to make your audience an integral part of your travel, detailing everything you do to them, they will appreciate that.

Educational videos
If you have the great teaching skill to help someone solve a problem, you already have an audience waiting to learn from you that will very much appreciate your help.

Livestyle advice
Let's face it, people need direction, and that they are not alone. If you have the experience share it with the world. Maybe you have managed to overcome a difficult situation in your life. You now are able to share that with others that may be facing the same issues. Help then see there is a way out or a way through. 

Filmmaking and animation
If you studied filmmaking or animation, or you like to learn as you go, you can have fun while sharing your talents with the world. Who knows, maybe a company will discover your talents and you can end up working for a big film production company. Wouldn't be the first time.

Current news and events
If you are usually at events or like to talk about the latest news, or you have specific information that you can share with people first hand that's great. People are always looking to get the latest about what's happening all around the world, especially if it's in their proximity.

Pet videos
Do you have a pet that does a lot of silly stuff such as chasing his own tale, or you have teached him tricks that will amaze people, create a video or series where your pet takes the spotlight.

Make up or beauty tutorials
Do you know how a foundation works, or how transform yourself with makeup? Many people want to know that as well. You can be the one that makes their life a little bit better, one video at the time.

Digital marketing advice
There are a lot of people looking to earn some extra income to pay bills or even create a business. If you have a lot of knowledge about online culture, social media, SEO, and other related topics, you should know that anyone who wants to be someone online needs a lot of information about digital marketing, so share your skills. People will definitely appreciate you for your tips and advice.

Software and apps
Tech reviews are always on demand for people looking to get a piece of gadget. 

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