Nintendo updates content guidelines

Nintendo updates content guidelines

On November 29, 2018, Nintendo announced it would be shutting down its Nintendo Creators Program at the end of December 2018. It was also mentioned that Nintendo will no longer accept "videos and channels, and will not review any that have been submitted, but not yet registered". The NCP website will be taken down on March 20, 2019.
For creators that produce content featuring Nintendo's intellectual property, they will no longer need to submit their content to the program, although they will still need to abide by Nintendo's newly-updated guidelines, which is closely aligned to YouTube’s policies on “duplicative or reused content.”
The guidelines state that creators in YouTube and Twitch’s partner programs will automatically qualify to earn ad revenue on their Nintendo-themed videos once it complies to mentioned policies.
There is also a mention that says that content creators must include their own creative input and commentary in videos, meaning raw gameplay footage is not allowed. Additionally, creators are only allowed or "permitted to use Nintendo Game Content that has been officially released, or from promotional materials officially released by Nintendo (such as product trailers or Nintendo Directs)." 
You may also view the discussion thread on Twitter on this link.
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