Help tips about Uzer Music, by Position Music

Help tips about Uzer Music, by Position Music

Position Music as recently introduced Uzer Music, which is is a new division of Position Music.

Uzer Music is a music subscription service that provides content creators the ability to fully monetize YouTube videos using a catalog of music that stems from Position Music, and from now on, if you are a Freedom! partner, this is what you will be using to access the Position Music catalog.


How much does a subscription for Uzer Music cost?

This music subscription service costs $19.99/month, however, if you are a Freedom! partner, it's FREE because we already pay for your subscription, every month!


I can't login on Position Music's website anymore, what's wrong?

With the introduction of Uzer Music, you no longer have access to Position Music's website. Instead, you now have access to Uzer Music catalog, which includes a mix of previously available music in Position Music and new music. Unfortunately, this also means that if you created playlists on Position Music's website, those playlists are no longer available. To know how to access Uzer Music, check below.


Where do I find the "Freedom! Collection" on Uzer Music website?

"Freedom! Collection" was a way to separate the list of music that was available to Freedom! partners only, on Position Music's website. However, with the move to Uzer Music, there is no need to make a distinction. All the music listed on Uzer Music is available for you to use.


I previously used a music from Position Music, but that track is not available on Uzer Music. Can I still use that music?

Yes. If you still have the music you downloaded from Position Music, you can continue to use it in your video productions.


I'm a Freedom! partner, how do I access Uzer Music?

Very easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Freedom! Partner Dashboard.
  2. Click the left "Music Library" menu, and then "UzerMusic".
  3. Click the link at the top right corner of the page to go to Uzer Music website.
  4. Click the "Login" button at the top right of the page.
  5. Click the "Freedom!" button to login as a partner.

NOTE: Due to Uzer Music offering being discontinued by Position Music, we are currently not able to offer access to this music library. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team by clicking the "Submit a request" link at the top of the page, or by clicking here.

Updated: 2021-05-14


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