YouTube is investing in educational creators

YouTube is investing in educational creators

YouTube is investing in creators who produce educational content, giving them access to resources and tools, through the recently created YouTube Learning initiative.

YouTube has made it clear that they are not just investing in channels with millions of subscribers, like PhysicsGirl and Manual do Mundo, emerging "EduTubers", such as Socratica and Linda Raynier, are also being targeted for this program. 

Regarding content, YouTube is looking for a wide range of topics, Just to mention a couple as an example, content about career skills (like interviewing and resume building), or computer science (coding for game development and JavaScript basics).

If you your channel is all about sharing your knowledge using high quality videos, that have a great structure and are easy to understand, you may want to apply to the Learning Fund here.

You can also learn more about this YouTube initiative here.

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